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Our ambition is for the client to make the right decision, on time and on the basis of the most comprehensive objective information. Our success together in this area is based on the high level of expertise, rich experience and versatility of our team.

Project Evaluation

Client projects are sometimes less closely connected with the core activities of the company.

Let’s say you have reached a certain level in your business efforts or you encounter a project that is not related to your core business activities. Usually, you have some idea of the documentation to process and the actions to take to support your project, but you are not sure about all the steps to take and that can bring your project to an early close.

This is a very common situation where our knowledge and experience are essential and are valued by many organizations.

We have the structures and procedures to prepare and process all the aspects of your project in accordance with the region’s legislation right through to the successful final phase.

We work independently as well as together with you to analyse the business plan. In the beginning, we usually focus on the economic environment in which the project is located. The technical evaluation of the project monitors the resulting parameters, feasibility, technical constraints, opportunities and trends in technical solutions at the global level.

Our clients want to grow. This growth is also accompanied by investment into new projects.

Business Consulting

Our business consulting addresses the areas our clients simply don’t want to spend time on and would rather entrust them to someone else with undoubted professionalism. The reasons vary. Sometimes they don’t have the staff to cover a particular area or it is a short-term change.

The range of services we offer in this area is wide, but our principle is to look at a relatively narrowly specialized issue in a comprehensive way. This means the solution can also include seemingly unrelated areas.

Specifically, a relatively common aspect of consulting is the area of controlling. Not controls as such, but having a whole system that can respond in a short time to the state the company is in and the direction it should take to meet the expectations of its shareholders.

Business consulting is the service our clients use most often.

They take advantage of our rich experience in different areas of doing business to achieve success in their own business.

Consulting and Management

We can also provide our clients with a type of consulting that is very narrowly focused. This is highly expert advice focused on the target area that the client needs to address.

We have experts and we are also able to build teams that can handle a specific assignment. We are often the first choice for our clients in such cases.

In addition to solving a particular problem our clients are confronted with, we guarantee that the solution proposed will be comprehensive and fit the context of the reality of our client’s business. In many cases this leads us to create mixed teams of our consultants and client representatives, which results in very efficient solutions.

Due to the discretion to which we are bound in relation to our clients it is not possible to give specific examples, but most of the cases where we have been able to support our clients have been energy and development projects. 

We can create teams to handle unusual assignments too.

Accounting Services and Predictive Growth

External accounting is a relatively commonly used service. Our company provides these services not only at the industry standard level (bookkeeping, HR and payroll, taxation), but also in synergy with other types of consulting our clients use.

Most often this involves support and synchronization with controlling, cost management, human resources management, support for company development, cash flow management, and more.

We see providing accounting services as an important management tool, the benefits of which are indisputable when properly used. When combined and aligned with other instruments (cash flow, asset management, etc.) they offer a powerful tool for the management to run the company effectively.

We also provide accounting services in synergy with the other types of consulting we offer to our clients.

Marketing Services

Only by understanding the aims, strategy and policies of the company is possible to use marketing tools efficiently and in a targeted way.

That’s why our consultants help clients define, plan and implement marketing in all the stages of its creation, starting by defining the marketing strategy, creating a marketing plan, deciding the marketing budget, preparing the media plan (using and selecting the tools which most efficiently meet their expectations and goals), helping with the implementation (graphic design, web design, online marketing) and measuring the effectiveness of marketing (the financial and non-financial returns on the resources invested).

Our clients see our marketing consulting as a helpful, valued part of our comprehensive package of services. That’s because, in connection with other aspects of consulting (economic, financial, legal), it offers them comfort and strengthens the mutual trust in our relationship.

Marketing as a tool for implementing a strategy is an important part of a successful business. 

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